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Experience the increased production and performance without the high cost of replacement.

Model as shown features
  1. Complete control from HMI
  2. Full automatic operation
  3. Manual operation as needed
  4. Amp control / amp following for automatic operation
  5. Step cutting
  6. Plunge cutting
  7. Rapid return for both cutting modes.
  8. Amp control in rapid return to prevent snubbing blade
  9. Siemens control package
  10. Square D frequency drive (no DC drives) and contactors
  11. Adjustable speed for traverse and gantry / tram
  12. Complete diagnostics files/screens
  13. Low voltage controls for operator safety
  14. Complete training manual
  15. Complete electrical diagrams


Stone Equipment Service LLC
PO Box 12
Brillion, WI 54110

Stone Equipment Service LLC
445 Fawn Drive
Brillion, WI 54110

Ph 920.875.0800

Fax: 920.756.2710

Wayne Kruschke

Joan Kruschke